How to prepare

Shave, Shower, Exfoliate.

Skin should be smooth and ready for spray to cling on.

24 Hour Rule

Nothing should be on your skin within 24 hours to being sprayed. This mean no lotions or oils. (makeup ok)

Avoid Petroleum

Both before and after a tan, petroleum on this will cause streaking. Avoid products like Vaseline, Aveeno, Dove, Dial, and Cetaphil before and after your tan.

After A Spray

Baggy dark clothing is best to wear immediately after a spray. You should avoid sweating, tight clothing, and water until your first rinse.


Keeping your skin hydrated will make your tan last longer, look better, and fade evenly. Try moisturizing twice a day but avoid any petroleum products.

How Long Will My Tan Last?

With the right care, a tan typically lasts 7-10 days.